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Balance with Silence and Music

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Balance with Silence and Music



Most people prefer silence when meditating. Silence creates a still point in our day and can allow us to become aware of the constant “chatter” in our minds. Silence also calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure and brings a sense of well-being. Silence raises your awareness of the constant thoughts in your mind. Take a few moments to savor the stillness you feel when you are silent.

Do nothing for two minutes to reduce tension and slow the flight of ideas in your mind. You will notice how often you attempt to “do” something. Make a choice to sit still and simply “be” in the silence.


If you are new to meditation, you may find it helpful to have quiet relaxing music playing in the background. Change the tempo of music to alter your mood, improve concentration or increase your creativity. Fast tempos increase your energy level and alertness while slow tempos induce a state of relaxation. Pay attention to how you feel when you listen to music. There is a wide assortment of CDs available with nature sounds, guided imagery or binaural beats to encourage deeper relaxation. Websites such as or carry a wide variety of music selections.

Take a break

It is important to take a break from your regular routine every hour to increase productivity and restore your posture. Meditation and breathing are just a few ways you can take a break. Some other ideas for a quick break include taking a walk, doing stretches, changing positions at your work station, taking a 10 minute power nap, planning a vacation or using the many ideas from your other Balance Resource Cards.

A cup of tea in a secluded spot provides a short meditation pause from your normal daily rush and helps increase your productivity. Savor each sip as your body relaxes. Try different herbal teas for their various health benefits.