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Sore muscles often have a buildup of toxins and acid following overuse.  For example, your forearm muscles may be sore from repeated use of the computer.  To release toxins from the muscles, gently massage the sore areas with your hand as if you are squeezing out a thick sponge. It should feel good, but not be painful.  Follow this by stretching the muscles to lengthen the muscle fibers for increased flexibility.  Schedule a professional massage on a regular basis for hard-to-reach areas. Have your massage therapist show you how to rub sore areas or take a class in massage.
Self massage helps relax the muscles in your neck and shoulders that hold tension.  Gently rub areas that are sore while you imagine the tension melting away.  It should feel good or “hurt good”, but not be painful.   A great resource for massage techniques is The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork by David Lauterstein.


Massage your belly to improve your digestion.  Start at the outside edge and pull your curved hands towards your belly button as if puling the energy to the middle of your body.  Continue around your belly in a clockwise circle, finishing with the same motion you started with.  This is sometimes called anEight Point Star massage.

Lymph drainage

Lymph nodes under your arms should be massaged daily to drain toxins which tend to pool in this area. Reach under your armpit with a flat hand and lightly pull your hand across the collar bone and chest towards the center of your body for 20 – 30 repetitions.  This will help to drain the lymph nodes and eliminate toxins which tend to pool in the armpit area.   Make sure your bra is not too tight or consider going bra-less when possible to avoid extra compression to the lymph nodes in this area.  Massage under your arms in the shower daily.  This is an important part of breast health.


Wake up your body by increasing circulation and energy flow with gentle tapping to various body parts.  Systematically move around all sides of your head, neck, torso and extremities with repeated gentle tapping.   Check out tapping videos for visual instructions.  Try tapping to clear your sinuses and lymph nodes, tapping for your overall health or doing a temporal slide for stress.

Wake up your brain with BodyTalk Corticestapping.  This is a powerful tool that can be used to reset your brain function when it is functioning in a mild state of shock from sympathetic nervous system overload. The key to tapping is using gentle pressure in a rhythmic manner.

Acupressure points


Acupressure points are held for several minutes to release energy blockages that cause pain and interfere with the energy flow and overall health of your internal organs.  Learn which points to press for various health issues.  Release the finger pressure gradually as the tension begins to release.

K 27 Immune points are located just below the collar bone.  Press these points to boost your immune system and relieve the first signs of a cold, a cough or chest congestion.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used acupressure points for thousands of years to restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.   The Five Element Model is one method of approaching the health of the body.  There are many sources of information available on this model.

Trigger points are areas of muscle tension in your body that can refer pain to other parts of your body.   When you have pain that is difficult to trace the original source, schedule a visit with a trigger point therapist to see if this will relieve your pain.   There are many massage tools on the market for massaging these tender areas.   It is best to respect your pain.  If the pain gets worse, discontinue use of these tools and see a professional massage therapist.