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Breathe into the transitions of life

Many people are experiencing transitions in life this season. Students and teachers are out of school for the summer. Gardeners are busy planting, weeding and harvesting the fast growing crops. Caregivers and family are waiting with their loved ones to transition from this life to the next. Parents are anticipating the birth of a new child.

Transition is a normal part of life. We had a graduation and a wedding this spring. I’m busy sorting through boxes of stuff in the basement. We are all figuring out what to keep and what to let go of. This sorting reminds me of last year, when I spent a week helping my mother clean out her attic. We had to decide whether to keep or let go of fifty-some years worth of memories which were stored in dusty boxes. These are all major transitions that many of us are experiencing this season.

Times of transition are stressful to your body, mind and spirit. 

These times of transition find me clinging to old routines (and material items) as a way to feel stable and grounded. I cling to the happy memories. Yet some of these old patterns are not always in my best interest, when there has been change and growth. I get irritated when things don’t flow as smoothly as they did in the past. The old routines no longer seem to be working as well as they did ten or even twenty years ago. I find myself learning (and re-learning) how to release all that is no longer needed in my life. I take a deep breath and then let go of the tensions in my body, mind and spirit as I exhale.

Breathing is one way to help me release the stress of these transitions. 

Breathing helps calm my mind. It relaxes tense muscles in my neck, shoulders and low back. It helps me think clearer, when I come from a centered core. Breathing helps me ease into the transitions of life and flow through the change with the least resistance.

Parallel Breath

There are several breathing techniques I use. One of my favorites is the Parallel Breath Meditation, which I learned from Dr. Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing.  Here is my modified version:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself suspended between heaven and earth through a beam of light. This light comes from God, the source of life. Imagine you are a bridge or a channel for this light to shine between heaven and earth.

As you inhale, imagine the light and energy moving through your body up to the heavens to connect with God, the source of light and love. As you exhale, draw that light down through your body, washing any negative thoughts or energy into the ground where it is recycled. As you inhale, draw a line of clean energy back up through your body and into the heavens. As you exhale, draw love down through your body, into the earth. Continue breathing in this manner, drawing lines of parallel breaths between heaven and earth. Allow the light, love and energy to cleanse every cell in your body. Feel the relaxation and energy with each breath cycle.

As you feel more centered and grounded, allow your breathing to return to a normal breath pattern. Let go of those images and spend a moment setting some goals and intentions for the day. When you are ready, open your eyes and enter back into your routine, energized and focused from the meditation.

What self care practices to you use when you experience change in your life?

Self care is especially important when we experience the stress of change in our life. If you haven’t tried parallel breathing, take a few moments now to try it. It can help you ease your way through transitions. There are many other resources on this website if you don’t find this technique helpful.