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South Bend, Indiana

Embracing Creativity for a Happy, Healthy You!

Embrace your inner creativity today! DW Healing ArtsResearch shows that creativity can positively impact health and well-being.  Creativity engages the right brain, accesses the unconscious self and increases awareness of your emotions and “inner landscape”.  The creative process is most important as a self care practice, not the finished project.
Art and other creative activities help to switch your body’s stress response into rest and digest mode by stimulating the right brain. Occupational Therapists know that purposeful activities like artwork offer therapeutic benefits such as increased self awareness, higher self esteem and release of past trauma.

Many people feel they are not “artistic”. Somewhere along the way, they received feedback that their artwork was not as good as another person’s artwork. So they stopped doing art. Does that sound familiar to you? Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way encourages readers to believe we all have creative potential and not compare to others standards. The good news is that you are creative. You can spend time being creative for the pure benefit of the process, not just the final outcome. Some of the benefits you might notice are feeling calm, happy and relaxed when making art. You may gain insights about yourself and life situations.

Here are some creative ideas for you to consider:

  • Take a ceramics or calligraphy class at a local art studio. Making “mistakes” is part of the creative process and may lead to something better.
  • Spend time coloring with a child. It builds the relationship and releases your need to have museum quality work. Adult coloring books are becoming popular in bookstores and online.
  • Experiment with doodles, including Zentangles.
  • Download some mandalas to color as a spiritual practice. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.
  • Make a collage “bucket list” with pictures or words of places and things you would like to do in the coming year. Post it were you see it daily.
  • Take a photo walk each day. Snap photos with a camera.
  • Learn to make edible garnishes for your food. Savor the beauty of the food.
  • Schedule an art date with a friend. Buy some art supplies.
  • Check out resources online. Julie Baker of Creatively Onward has a Monday Mission YouTube series with creative tips.
Have fun exploring various mediums and forms of art. These art activities allow you to notice your “inner landscape”, which is a metaphor for your emotional and spiritual status, then express it in healthy and tangible ways through the use of colors and symbols.

What creative activity would you like to pursue today?