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Energy and Vitality

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Energy and Vitality


Traditional Chinese Medicine

You need energy in order to live. Vitality is your ability to maintain your energy and strength. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are two kinds of energy: Lifeforce energy and Chi energy.

Life Force Energy

You are born with a Lifeforce energy. You can call this energy your essence, your consciousness or your soul. It is what makes you unique from everyone else. This is the energy that is your breath of life when you were born. It keeps your body running smoothly without the need to think about things like breathing or digesting or pumping blood. It is a steady source of energy that runs continually. When this energy is used up, you take your last breath and die. All that is left is the container that housed your Lifeforce.

The Lifeforce energy is like an inheritance account. It slowly spends down over the years. You can draw on it when your other reserves are depleted, but you cannot add to this energy account.

When this energy is used up, you die. Some traditions believe that your Lifeforce energy is reunited with the Universe or the Divine Source of Life.

Chi Energy

You have renewable energy called Qi or Chi, that you need to replenish with food, rest, exercise and lifestyle choices. This is the energy you use for your daily activities. Your goal is to build up this reserve of energy in order for you to have vitality in life. There are many layers of this energy in your body from deep at the bone level to your outer aura which surrounds your body. These energy fields can be seen in thermographic imaging and can be used to detect disturbances in energy which lead to disease processes long before other forms of diagnostic tests can detect those same diseases.

The Chi energy is like a checking account. It is replenishable. You can add to it or draw from it with your lifestyse choices. When it is depleted, you draw from your precious Lifeforce account and spend it down. You will live longer if you replenish your Chi account regularly. This can become a spiritual practice to honor the Lifeforce energy in the food that is transferred to your Chi account.
How do you build up your Chi energy? There are some simple ways to build up this energy account that you already do each day. The more life-giving energy producing choices we make, the better we feel and the longer we live. When you understand health from this energy producing viewpoint, you are able to make intentional healthy choices every day. Your health is literally in your own hands. What choices will you make that impact your life and your energy? One choice might be to use the various resources on this website as a way to increase your vitality for living with this new understanding of energy and Lifeforce.



You will notice the symbol for the spirit section of this website is a spiral shape. This symbolizes the flow of energy as it expands and flows from the center outward. Spirit is defined as your “true self’ or Lifeforce as well as your connection to Spirit, known as God or the Divine Source of Life. This spiral also represents your vitality, which is defined as being strong, active and moving forward in life.