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Energy as a Spiritual Practice

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Energy as a Spiritual Practice


It is important for you to understand how all of the topics in this website can each impact energy and vitality. You just learned about two kinds of energy and vitality in the previous page. The terms energy and vitality are often used interchangeably in society, but in this context, vitality refers to the energetic quality that gives you the will to live and helps you feel connected with your Lifeforce energy. It’s the extra little spark in you that gives you vibrancy and robustness for life. All these practices can help increase your energy and vitality, especially when you consider doing them as a spiritual practice.


Eat foods with the most Lifeforce essence in them. The easiest way to build your Chi energy reserves is by eating foods which transfer its essence/energy to your Chi account. Foods that have more original Lifeforce essence in them will build your Chi reserves quicker than foods that are highly processed or have less of their original essence. You already know fresh organic foods are very healthy for you. Now you can understand that a fresh apple will replenish your energy reserves much more quickly than a handful of potato chips. The apple has a higher percentage of Lifeforce in it than than potato chips that are deep fried and highly processed, with very little of the original essence of the potato they were made from. Being intentional about your food choices can become a spiritual practice when you realized that the food is life-giving and energy producing.


Some foods take longer to digest than others. The harder your digestive track works, the more energy you expend. Choose foods that are lightly cooked, which are easier to digest. While you may sacrifice a small amount of nutrition by steaming or cooking foods, the saved energy from digestion makes up for that. Detoxing your body can also increase energy. Preparing your food and detoxing your body can become spiritual practices when you understand how they can give or take away precious energy.


Exercise builds Chi as you move your body and release blocked energy. The best exercise is the one that you will actually do, so find an exercise that is enjoyable to you. It is helpful to do at least 10 minutes of exercise or movement at least 3 times a day as it helps re-establish the flow of energy in your body. You may need to find an exercise buddy for accountability. Find short periods of time during the day to move, whether that is taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from your destination or dancing to your favorite music. Swimming or water aerobics are great options as the water supports your joints and body weight, making it easier to move. Movement and exercise when done in moderation can become a spiritual practice when you understand that the right types of exercise builds your energy.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong

These are excellent practices for building the energy within your body. These gentle movements are performed slowly with attention to breathing and intention as a form of spiritual practice. While each has it’s own benefits, they all build your Chi energy reserves by opening up the flow of energy and allowing your body to move with greater ease. The breathwork during these practices also helps build energy. They can be a form of meditation as they quiet the mind. You can reach an expanded state of awareness and be more aware of your inner landscape, your Lifeforce energy and your connection to the Divine source of Life.


Spending time outdoors in nature is an excellent way to renew your energy. Take a walk, sit beside water, breathe in the fresh air, and soak in small amounts of sunshine. Remember to take precautions in the sun so you do not get burned. As you spend time in nature, your body naturally connects with the flows of energy around you and absorbs energy from the natural world. Bringing nature inside is very important because buildings and pavement block the natural flow of energy from the earth. Walking barefoot on the earth becomes a spiritual practice for those who spend too much time indoors. This is why some people find spending time in nature a great spiritual practice, as they are connected to the Source of Lifeforce.

Energy work and Bodywork

We all experience sore muscles and tired bodies. Practices such as acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, Healing Touch, massage, reflexology, reiki, and Zero Balancing can make a positive impact on your energy levels within your body. They all influence your body’s energy on different levels by releasing tension or increasing energy flows in depleted area which are caused by stress and other restrictions that interfere with normal function of your body. Training and experience vary, so take time to learn about your practitioner including where they received their training, their experience and recommendations from others. Trust your body’s intuition about what feels good and improves your well-being. Bodywork helps you feel connected to your Lifeforce energy, so schedule regular sessions as a spiritual practice.

Good Touch

Remember that petting an animal, hugging a loved one, holding hands, intimacy with your partner or self massage are great sources of healing energy. You may have experienced people who drain your energy or increase you energy when you spend time with them. You may even avoid touching them if they make you feel uncomfortable. Make good choices about who you spend your time with and learn to trust your intuition. Protect your energy and spend time with people who build up your energy reserves, not deplete them. Who you spend your time with and how you interact with them can become another form of spiritual practice when you understand it from an energy perspective.


Meditation and breath work create a still point in our lives, and switch our mindset from doing things to being in the present moment. The things that occupy your mind can deplete your energy as well as increase it. Getting to the root cause of personal issues can make a huge impact on your energy and your ability to heal. Taking all these ordinary aspects of your life and turning them into intentional spiritual practices can have a very positive impact on your energy, your vitality, your healing and your well-being.