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SEVA Stress Release Workshops

SEVA Stress Release Workshops –  Soul Lightening International®


sevastressSEVA Stress Release Workshops

I am an instructor for SEVA Stress Release Acupressure.

Part One (3 hours) Self Care Module consists of an acupressure protocol for self care to address a wide range of needs from general relaxation and well being to extreme shock and stress. Anyone can learn this simple technique which includes demonstration and hands-on location of acupoints.

Part Two (3 hours) Acupressure SEVA for Family and Friends practices the same protocol in two new ways: seated in a chair and lying comfortably on massage tables. After taking both modules, students will have enough information and skill to practice easily on themselves, as well as family and friends.

These two modules are pre-requisite for taking any of the remaining Acupressure for Anyone workshops. SEVA is Sanskrit for compassionate service. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a training.



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