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Self Care

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Self Care


Self care

Self care begins with an awareness of what you need for your own well-being and a commitment to you. Self care means taking care of yourself first, before you take care of those around you. That is why the flight attendant reminds you to put your oxygen mask on first in the event of an emergency before taking care of the oxygen mask of the child traveling with you. When you honor yourself first, you free yourself from unhealthy expectations of others and have more energy for healthy living. It is empowering to be involved in your own healing process. Treating disease is most effective when done on every level: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Self care is an important part of healing and inner peace. Ten minutes per day of meditation or deep breathing can calm your mind and emotions by initiating the healing process through the parasympathetic nervous system. Meditation, deep breathing or listening to relaxing music are some of the fastest and least expensive ways to achieve inner peace. Yoga, creative arts and laughter can also be helpful Explore the resources available to you. Give yourself permission to take care of you first!

Self awareness

Young children are influenced by their family, friends and social groups. As you mature, you begin making choices based on what you believe is important and start to form your own viewpoints. It is important for you to know who you are. This will boost your confidence and self awareness. When you are aware of your strengths and abilities and what you believe, it gives you a sense of direction in your life. When you can name those things that you want and desire and believe, it gives you a sense of personal power. How would you name yourself today?

“I am one who knows _______________.”

“I am she who seeks _______________.”

“I am he who desires _______________.”

Finding your passion and fulfilling your life’s purpose is essential to health and healing. If you dread work, feel unmotivated or are unhappy with your current situation, you may need to consider some changes in your life. You may benefit from several sessions with a life coach or counselor. There are many resources available in the community for these services. Have a preliminary conversation with several people to find the person you feel most comfortable meeting with.

Self confidence

Self confidence comes from knowing what is important in your life and disregarding what others think of you. What are you willing to stand up for despite what others think? Learn to know your own truth by listing the things that you believe to be true in your life.

Make a list in your journal of things you believe are true in your life or write an essay on the National Public Radio (NPR) topic of “This I believe.”

Part of self confidence is feeling good about yourself including how you look. Dress for success by replacing clothing in your closet with only the items that look good on you, feel comfortable to wear or are the best color selections for you. You will feel excited to get dressed each day when everything fits well and loos great on your body.