DW Healing Arts LLC
South Bend, Indiana

Be Well in Silence

Based on an article I originally posted in my DW Healing Arts Be Well series on January 23rd of 2016, as I reflect back throughout the years I realize that each year, what does not change, is the need to incorporate elements into our lives that bring about positive change. For the month of January 2018 we take the time to find gratitude and through silence, we do so. Please enjoy!

Gratitude. As we find gratitude for the coming months of 2018, taking moments to appreciate the things around us is paramount to a happy, healthy and harmonious existence. In the times when we learn to disconnect and find our own space, it is silence that can create that still point in our day. Silence allows us to become aware of the constant “chatter” in our minds.

Most people prefer silence when meditating.

Silence also calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure and brings a sense of well-being. Silence raises your awareness of the constant thoughts in your mind.

Take a few moments to savor the stillness you feel when you are silent.

Wishing each of you a 2018 filled with balance and harmony.