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Soul Care

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Soul Care

Live in the Moment

Live in the moment in order to feel more focused on your tasks for today. This allows you to be fully present to this current moment in time This spiritual practice allows you to let go of the past and trust in the future. Other benefits include feeling more connected to others and a sense of inner peace. Imagine exploring the current task you are doing with the curiosity of a child, as if it is a new experience for you. Use your senses and feelings to explore it with a deeper awareness. Notice how aware you are of the present moment.


Spend time in nature for 20 minutes each day boost vitality of body, mind and spirit. Relax under a shade tree, feed the local birds, canoe on a lake, photograph the landscape, take your pet for a walk or enjoy gardening.

You may also wish to bring nature indoors to elevate your mood when you are unable to go outdoors. Enjoy the sound of a water fountain or wind chimes. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers. Purchase music with nature sounds in the background. Open your window for fresh air.


Research shows that creativity can positively impact health and well-being. It engages the right brain, accesses the unconscious self and increases awareness of your emotions and “inner landscape”. The creative process is most important, not the finished project. Have fun exploring various mediums.

Creative doodle art such as Zentangles help integrate both sides of the brain, calm anxiety and improve focus when making decisions. Keep a sketch pad handy. There are no rules, so be creative!

Pinterest and other online sources have great ideas of how to create these designs. Some people use doodles as a form of prayer. Check out Praying in Color for additional ideas.

Paint a picture or color a mandala (circle drawing) as a way to honor your feelings and emotions when confronted with stressful situations. There are many free websites for mandalas. These art activities allow you to notice your “inner landscape”, which is a metaphor for your emotional and spiritual status, then express it in healthy and tangible ways through the use of colors and symbols.

Create Sacred Space

Create sacred space for contemplative prayer and meditation to quiet your mind, connect you with your life purpose and listen for Divine inspiration. Daily routines, symbols and rituals allow you to quickly reach a deep state of expanded spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Friendship

You can benefit from meeting with a trusted soul friend or anam cara (Irish/Celtic tradition), Soul friendship provides regular support and helpful feedback for personal growth. Choose this trusted person wisely. You may want to start a book group or have spiritual discussions with like-minded people in order to find someone who would be interested in this mutual relationship. Ask for Divine guidance in finding this person. Share openly with each other, listen deeply and avoid giving advice. Respect confidentiality.

You may want to consider meeting regularly with a spiritual director (sometimes called spiritual companion or guide). Spiritual directors help you pay attention to your relationship with the Divine.

Check out the online Spiritual Directors International directory to find a local companion on your spiritual journey.