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Spiritual Practice

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Spiritual Practice



Gratitude boosts your immune system and elevates your mood. Keep a daily journal with three things you are thankful for. Make an ongoing list of 100 or perhaps even 1000 things you are grateful for. Post your lists where you see them frequently to foster a positive attitude all day long. You may wish to say a prayer to the Great Provider.

“Make a list of One Thousand Gifts in your life.
Post three positives on social media each day.
Pause to remember the highlights of your day.”

Positive words and affirmations

Your positive words and thoughts change your perception of life, influence your brain chemistry and impact your well-being in positive ways. Life’s challenges can appear easier and you may feel more balanced when optimistic about life. Cultivate positive energy in your life as you nourish positive thoughts.

Daily affirmations are important in creating a positive outlook in life. They help create a new script to replace the negative self-tapes that play in your mind. Words have power. Your subconscious mind listens to the thought you think. Train your brain to think positive thoughts by repeating affirmations frequently throughout the day. List your strengths, the positive attributes you wish to cultivate and your future potentials. Turn these into your affirmations. Even if you are afraid to believe these statements, keep repeating them daily and notice what happens.

“I am one who ______________________.”

“I can easily _______________________.”

“I will easily ________________________.”


You will have situations in your life that are unfair or cause you emotional or spiritual pain. For example, holding on to anger can lead to bitterness, unhealthy grudges or even depression. It can also show up as pain in the jaw from clenching your teeth or as neck pain from constant tension in your shoulders every time you think about the situation. When these types of emotional responses are not properly processed with others, your body responses by holding tension in your tissues and organ systems which can eventually lead to chronic illness.

Forgiveness can help you release the emotions and physical tension in your body caused by conflicts and misunderstandings with others. Forgiveness can be liberating as it restores your happiness, joy and peace of mind. When you forgive yourself and others, your body will relax and begin to release the cycle of unhealthy responses in your mind, body and spirit.

There are many techniques for forgiveness. One way is to acknowledge your own actions that contributed to the situation instead of focusing on blaming others. When you are able to see your role in the conflict, pray the ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer of forgiveness for yourself and notice how your attitude and feelings towards others will shift.

“I’m sorry, Please forgive me,
Thank you, I love you.”

Simplify your life

Simplify home and work to improve your efficiency and avoid mental distractions. Organize one small area each day for 10 minutes. For each item, determine if you will love it, use it, recycle it or discard it.

Spend time journaling or talking with a friend about the concepts of scarcity and abundance to see how these thought patterns impact your desire to hold on to things or your willingness to let go.

Were your parents and grandparents raised with an attitude of scarcity or abundance? How has that impacted you?

Some people believe the state of organization or clutter in your house reflects the condition of your inner soul. Try organizing the clutter in one area in your house such as a drawer or closet and notice if you feel any changes in your thinking, your mood or your inner sense of peace. If simplifying your home feels too overwhelming, ask a friend for help or hire a consultant to help you.


Laughter and humor cause chemical changes in the body so you feel good. They improve your mental health, increase energy and decrease stress. Watch a funny movie, tell some jokes or just laugh out loud.

Smiling can also have positive benefits. Think happy thoughts and smile as often as you can. Simulating a smile by holding a pen or pencil clenched between your teeth for two minutes has also been shown to have positive effects on your body’s chemistry.