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Exercise and Stretch

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Balance with Exercise and Stretch


Lengthen tight muscles



Stretch your neck with a hand on your shoulder while tilting your head in the opposite direction. This gives a gentle stretch to your tight neck muscles. Repeat on the other side.




Walking is a gentle way to begin a new exercise routine. Walk 5 minutes at a time. Aim for 20 – 30 minutes total each day. Use a pedometer to track your distance if you prefer. Walk with a friend for support.

Dancing is a fun way to exercise and lose weight. Start with slow tempos or increase your heart rate with larger body movements and faster tempos. Experiment with different types of music and body movement.


Two important Yoga Stretches

twoimporStretch your back to open up your tight hips and counteract the impact of poor posture. Use pillows to support your back while relaxing in a gentle back stretch for several minutes. Breathe deeply. It should feel good. This is a key restorative yoga pose.



leanforGently lean forward to stretch your low back and tight hamstrings for several minutes. This will help loosen tight muscles in the hips and pelvis which cause low back pain. Breathe deeply and notice how good this feels.



Core strength

It is important to exercise your back and abdomen together to maintain balance. Consider using an exercise ball to engage your core muscle strength. Yoga stretches such as Cat/Cow stretch or Pelvic Tilts are helpful when first beginning a strengthening program. Check with a therapist or someone trained in exercise to see what is recommended for your current health status.

Toe Dancing



Will help decrease swelling in your legs by stimulating the lymph nodes in the groin area. Bend your knee and balance the leg on your toe while you rotate the entire leg in a circle multiple times. Repeat on the other side. Hold onto a chair for balance if needed.