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Take a Mini Stress Break for the Holidays

The Holidays.

Do you ever get overwhelmed this time of year? Are you able to fit everything you want to do into your week and still have time for quality self care? This season sometimes feels like I hit the fast forward button. Stress levels get elevated. My thinking gets fuzzy, my sleep patterns get disrupted and holiday food choices tempt me to make poor choices.

I like to give myself permission to take a little Mini Stress Break when things feel too busy in my life. So guess what? I’ve created a little downloadable gift for you as a stress-buster for the holiday season. You will find eight stress-buster cards. Simply click on the Mini Stress Break button, download the file, print the document and cut on the designated lines. I recommend using thick card stock and perhaps laminating them, so you can use these cards all season long.

Each of the Mini Stress Break cards will help promote a feeling of well-being by increasing your body’s energy level, reducing the stress (fight/flight) response and promoting a relaxation (rest/digest) response. These simple practices are quick and easy to do. The tips can help you relieve the holiday stress if you choose to use them daily.

Do you need ideas of how to use the cards? Place the cards in a decorative dish, a business card holder or a small gift box. Every time you see the cards, consider taking a moment for a mini stress break by choosing a card at random. Maybe you will do the card on the top of the pile, then add it to the back when finished. You might even challenge yourself by choosing to do all eight cards throughout the day!

If you have any questions about the Mini Stress Break, please feel free to contact me at Please add “Mini Stress Break” in the subject line. I’d be happy to answer your questions. Don’t forget to sign up for my wellness newsletter if you want to keep updated on resources related to self care and well-being.

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Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!