DW Healing Arts LLC
South Bend, Indiana


Here’s what Michiana has to say about Zero Balancing:

“Zero Balancing has been a way in which I connect my physical with my emotion and spiritual beings. I have not only gone to Zero Balancing sessions to relieve stress and anxiety, but to problem solve. It is truly body mind therapy at its best. There is nothing like the feeling of being rejuvenated and no longer feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. The peace that I receive is indescribable.” ER, Student

“ZB has helped me to find not only relief from physical pain but also emotional heaviness that you carry along with it. I love how much relief I feel after only a 30-45 minute session.” MS, Manager

“I trusted the Zero Balancing due to the fact that the therapist is a highly qualified and trained person with very strong moral and ethical beliefs. The treatments are not only relaxing, but at the same time I become so energized! There are tensions in everyone’s life, this is the most holistic type of treatment I have received. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from this ZB treatment.” MBB, Therapist & Teacher

“ZB has changed my life! I want this and not a massage now!” MS, Breast Cancer Survivor

“I feel more centered after a ZB session and I also have a sense of well-being. Any pain I had before the session seems a lot less afterwards. The art, skill and compassion of my therapist is an integral part of the whole experience.” HB, Spiritual Director

“Very relaxing! I wasn’t familiar with Zero Balancing–I just heard it was great for relieving stress. When you finish you feel like you’ve been ‘put back together’ like your body was meant to be.” FL, Businessman and entrepreneur

“Everyone with Arthritis should try ZB. My knees don’t ache like they used to.” SS, Retiree

“The ringing in my ears disappeared. My head feels better too.” NS, Craftsman

“I feel really balanced.” SD, Massage Therapist

“You helped my headache disappear. You just made me a believer in ZB!” KP, Artist