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The Path of the Heart

Are you on a Hero’s Journey? Do you have spiritual guides who protect or assist you daily?

What exactly is a Shamanic Journey?

These questions have crossed my mind in recent years and captured my curiosity.

This month I’m reading a new book entitled A Modern Shaman’s Field Manual: How to Awaken Your Power and Heal the Earth by my friend Jeff Nixa, an Urban Shaman. The book is a very practical “Path of the Heart” manual. It addresses some of my unanswered questions about the Hero’s journey and how to explore the landscape of my heart.

This is a book I want to read slowly.

I am savoring the words and doing the practical exercises for opening my heart and living my soul’s purpose. I’ve discovered the book is a great self-help resource for those who want to explore the inner landscape from various models including shamanism and Jungian psychology.

Jeff’s book is available on Amazon. Since Jeff self published the book, he is relying on friends to help spread the word. I hope you will consider reading his book and spreading the word to others who may be interested in this type of inner work. You can find it on my affiliate link or order it directly through Better yet, sign up for and support your local charity in the process.

I also highly recommend having a fireside chat or retreat with Jeff, either in person or via Skype. He is easy to talk to and heads straight to the heart of the matter with honesty and integrity. Check out his Great Plains Shamanic Programs website and blog for more details.

We all need guides on our life journey.

I meet monthly with my spiritual director for spiritual accountability. I meet regularly with friends, swap with several body-workers on a regular basis as part of my support network of guides for my life journey. They help keep balance of body, mind and spirit. Some people talk with a counselor or a support group while others turn to family or a trusted friend. Another important source of strength and guidance are connection with our spiritual guides. These guides all help us discover our true path in life.

Are you following the path of your heart?

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May you find and follow the path of your heart!