DW Healing Arts LLC
South Bend, Indiana

Words Have Power

I often have a word to focus on for the year. I’m not sure when I first started choosing a word. Sometimes the word chooses me, especially in 2014. I gradually lived into the word “Balance” in 2014, as I worked on creating the Balance Resource Cards. The word balance appeared everywhere, even in my dreams. It became my focus in all aspects of my life. The image of the letters balancing on the capital A appeared in my dreams. My supporting words were Mind, Body and Spirit. I was thrilled when my niece made a logo for me. I felt balanced in 2014 and look forward to feeling balanced in 2018 as well.

Synchronicity happens when you find a theme word. You become aware of different meanings of that word and how they each apply to your life. Songs with the word capture your attention in new ways. You see the word in writing appear all over the place. It comes to mind throughout the day. Each time you see your word, it reminds you of the reason you need it in your life. You begin to live into your word. It is your goal, your theme and your mantra. That is why words have power.

Forward to 2015, I wanted to choose a word that would allow me to focus on some of my goals for 2015. One important goal is taking care of my body by healthy eating, increased activity, gradual weight loss and continued self care. Another goal is decluttering our living space and getting rid of things that are no longer needed. I wanted to continue the concept of hygge in my life. I also wanted to continue the focus on my inner journey and spiritual growth. I planned to invite others into my home for contemplative retreats, self care days, art days, Zero Balancing and spiritual direction as I have the past few years. All of these ideas were a diverse group of goals. How could I find the consistent thread? I used Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word worksheets. I considered various words and phrases: Inner wisdom. More with less. Action. Tend the soul. Simplify. Act. Completion. Abundant. Sacred space. Well-being. Whole-hearted living.

The right word eluded me as January 1 approached.

I was delighted when the word “sanctuary” came to mind in the middle of the night, a few days into 2015. What a perfect word for the year!

This word can include taking care of my body, mind and spirit as a sacred vessel for the Divine. It can encompass taking care of our home and creating a safe space that is clutter-free and simple. Creating hygge fits well with this theme as I create a feeling of warmth, coziness, camaraderie and glowing lights on a dreary South Bend day. Others already view my home as a warm and safe space as they come to retreat from the world on our wooded property and in our cozy home. I had ideas to make it even feel more like a safe haven and respite from the stress of life.

“Each of us has an inner room where we can visit to be cleansed of fear-based thoughts and feelings. This room, the holy of holies, is a sanctuary of light.” – Marianne Williamson

Since I discovered my word, the song “Sanctuary” has been running constantly through my mind. Things are shifting in my life. This month, I have lost 12 pounds. I’m eating very healthy foods and getting more activity and movement in my life. I’m spending time in contemplative silence regularly. We repainted our bedroom, sorted boxes of stuff and gathered a large pile of things to donate to various organizations. My body, my mind, my home and my work have become a sanctuary for me.

Forward to the present and as 2018 approaches, I am still waiting for a word to find me. I’m working through the Find Your Word 2018 material and have several options. Do you have a word that keeps appearing in your life? Have you intentionally chosen a theme for the year? What is your word of the year for 2018?