DW Healing Arts LLC
South Bend, Indiana

Zero Balancing F.A.Q

Will I have to take my clothes off for ZB?

Zero Balancing is performed with your shoes off and your clothing on. You will be lying on your back on a massage table for most of the session. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.

You will be encouraged to turn your cell phone to silent mode for the duration of the session so that you can fully relax.

Does it hurt?

No, ZB uses a very gentle touch called interface touch. When our bodies are touched at the “bone-level”, it feels good and can be extremely relaxing. People often experience an expanded state of consciousness, similar to a deep level of meditation, since the body is still and the mind is quiet.

What happens during a typical ZB session?

After a brief check-in about your health status and a frame for your session (see below), your practitioner will perform a seated assessment of your spine and shoulders, looking for areas of held tension. You will then lie face up on the massage table while the practitioner checks your body for areas of held tension along the spine and acupressure points. Gentle pressure called “fulcrums” are placed into the area of held tension, which allows the body to balance on this point of stillness, until your body responds by releasing the held tension. ZB practitioners work at the bone level while engaging energy within the body. We will open the session at your feet, systematically working with foundational joints along the spine and end the session by working from head to feet.

What is the length of a typical session?

Sessions are typically scheduled for an hour. Most sessions last 30 – 45 minutes on the table and the rest of the time spend framing and integrating your session. Children and clients with fragile health conditions may only need a short 10 – 20 minute session.

What do you mean by “framing a session”?

Framing is a way to name out loud what your goals or intentions are for your ZB session. There is power in speaking out loud what we desire for our well-being. It is an agreement of what you wish to focus on for the session. A frame can be specific (e.g. reduce backache or headache) or general (e.g. to feel good or enhance wellness). A frame could also be to reprogram an old issue (e.g. fear, anger, trust), to reinforce a desire or experience (e.g. to feel safe) or to work directly with an experience or event (e.g. 9/11). We often start by asking how you would like to feel at the end of the session. You may also want to think about areas in your life that are stressful and imagine new ways of responding to those stresses.

When will I know if ZB is working for me?

Most people can benefit from ZB. We encourage clients to try a series of 3 sessions a week or two apart, before deciding if ZB is making a difference in their life. Most people notice a difference immediately following the first session, but may experience stiffness and soreness the next day as their body detoxes and heals from past injuries and memories. Following the initial 3 sessions, clients sometimes choose to return for tuneups every few weeks for a period of time, depending on other wellness activities they are involved in that promote overall health and well-being. ZB works best in combination with other wellness practices and complementary modalities.

How much does a session cost and can you bill insurance?

Zero Balancing is relatively new to the Michiana area. There are a variety of options available depending on the practitioner, their location and level of experience. Some provide services through a medical practice and can bill insurance carriers. Others offer private sessions on a cash basis in the $40 – $85 range per session. Some beginning students of ZB are wiling to work with clients for a limited time for free or for a small fee as part of their training or certification process. Please refer to the local practitioner listing for more details.